Thursday, February 22, 2007 Review Visual Image Card directory for Webmasters Review
Many webmasters submit their sites to online directories, website lists or other resources that categorize websites and provide valuable link-backs. Most of these directories are rather dull, utilizing primarily text-centric presentations and little to no graphics or visuals, especially when it comes to a listing entry within the directory.

Stand out with a visual listing!
Now you can really stand out from the crowd by using rich, visual images to promote your website at, a visual web card directory from Pear Software. The visual website provides absolutely FREE listings to any individual, business or organization that would like to submit a card. All you need to do is create a virtual card image for your listing, with image dimensions of 165 x 270 pixels. They even provide starter card templates for anyone to use!

Registering at
Registration is extremely easy and does not require email verification. Enter an email address (for a login ID) and a password, and you're all set to start adding cards!

Card Rankings and categories allows you to select up to 10 categories (tags) for each visual card that you submit. Your card will compete with other websites that have chosen the same category. Ranking is based on #1) the amount the card owner is paying per day to have his/her card listed, and #2) the age of the card. Get your card in there as soon as possible in order to improve your ranking!

Heck yes! With such an elegant directory presentation, visual customization options and a slew full of features, every webmaster out there should get a card up on It is easier to submit an image card listing on this site than it is to submit a simple text link on many other online directories I have tried. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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