Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar problems

AGLOCO Viewbar problems
This month, AGLOCO released the highly anticipated AGLOCO Viewbar. The Viewbar is a small toolbar program that sits at the bottom or the top of your computer screen (your choice). If you run the toolbar while you surf the web, you accumulate AGLOCO hours, which can later be "cashed in" for stock or cash. Sign up for AGLOCO today, it is free.

Installing the AGLOCO Viewbar
Installing the AGLOCO Viewbar was easy and painless. After the initial installation, I immediately noticed that the ads were missing. AGLOCO makes its' money by selling tiny advertisement space on its' toolbar and the profits are then passed on to the end-users (members).

Where are the AGLOCO Viewbar ads?
So where are those ads? According to the AGLOCO team, the ad servers were having trouble handling capacity at the launch of the Viewbar (early June). No, it's not a joke. A company whose entire business depends upon their ad servers was unable to handle their user load at launch. Give me a freakin' break AGLOCO! AGLOCO knew how many people had signed up for the service, so they knew what kind of load to expect. But NO! They screwed it up anyway. The good news for members is that AGLOCO still gave hours credits to the users who ran the Viewbar while the ads were missing in action.

AGLOCO Viewbar crash problems
The first day of running the AGLOCO Viewbar, I noticed that the program crashed and disappeared on two different occasions. Again, not a very impressive performance from the AGLOCO Viewbar. Thankfully, the Viewbar no longer crashed or hung after the first day of usage. The stability problems appear to be gone.

AGLOCO Viewbar memory usage
I took a look at the AGLOCO Viebar (ViewBar.exe) memory usage to determine what type of impact the program was having on my system resources. On my system, the Viewbar appears to run at a fairly constant memory usage around 20,800 K. This ranks the Viewbar in as the fourth most memory intensive application running on my computer behind Firefox, Thunderbird and Skype. The good news is that the CPU utilization for the Viewbar is always at 0%, so there is little to no impact on processor resources.

AGLOCO website problems
During the launch day as well as numerous other days throughout June, the AGLOCO website has been unavailable. This problem is again due to inadequate server resources, which can not handle the large volume of AGLOCO members. AGLOCO needs to add more dedicated servers to host their website and load balance them in order to maximize each servers efficiency. With enough servers (that have adequate power) placed in a load balanced pool, they should have no trouble handling all of the AGLOCO member traffic.

AGLOCO problems and conclusion
Even with all of these minor problems, the AGLOCO service is a great opportunity for everyday people to make some money on the internet. The internet advertising business is a billion dollar industry. With AGLOCO, now you can get a piece of the advertising dollars and "own the internet". Sign up for AGLOCO today, it is completely free and the service will only get better and better!

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