Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I like Leapfish

LeapFish is a new web portal that focuses on the new interactive web, integrating the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), news results, social network results and the real time web (Twitter, etc). In this post, I'll describe the search functionality of LeapFish in detail, which is why I like LeapFish. 

Another nice feature of the LeapFish homepage is that you can personalize your home page using drag and drop widgets and other features.

In the below screenshot, I tested the LeapFish search functionality using the keywords "copy blu-ray"

At the very top is the LeapFish search bar. While you're typing in search terms, LeapFish will display some suggested searches in a dropdown list, which is a handy feature, similar to Google Suggest. 

Underneath, you'll see an advertisement block "sponsored links" section. 

Next is a "Also try" suggestion section, where LeapFish provides additional, related keyword options. 

Next up is News Results. This section contains results from recently published articles on the topic and appears to be powered by Google News. 

After that, we finally get to the "Web Results" section. LeapFish defaults to Google, which is nice, but it also has buttons on the right for Yahoo and Bing, which is very convenient to allow easy search results switching between the major search engines.

Beneath the Web Results section (not pictured above) will be a "Video Results" section, then a "Blog Results" section and lastly an "Image Results" section with options for both Google and Flickr.

So why do I like LeapFish? Because it's a very convenient way to get a snapshot of the entire web for a certain search term, all in one place.

Want a chance to win some of the $100,000 in cash and prizes that LeapFish is giving away? Sign up for the contest here.

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