Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Using Facebook from LeapFish

This post is part of a blog series on "Why I like LeapFish". It is also an entry into the LeapFish $100,000 Cash Dash contest, which you can signup for here.

In this blog post, I'll be covering the Facebook widget on LeapFish. On your own customizable LeapFish home page, you'll have a section for Facebook that you can use to stay up to date on all of your Facebook stream information, as well as post comments and performing other actions.

But first things first, if you've just started using LeapFish, sign up for a free account and then sign in. Afterwards, scroll down the home page and on the right hand column, you'll see a section named Facebook with a Facebook connect button. Click on the Facebook connect button and then authorize LeapFish to access and update your Facebook account. Afterwards, you should be all set and your Facebook "stream" should now appear on your LeapFish home page.

You'll see all the latest updates from your Facebook friends, just as if you were on the actual Facebook.com site. There's options for "Home", "Profile", "Friends", News Feed, Events & Birthdays. You can also Refresh your Facebook stream and Logout if desired. Underneath that section, you'll see an input box for "What's on your mind?", which allows you to update your Facebook status right from the LeapFish widget. 

While viewing and scrolling through your friends updates, you'll notice options for Comment and Like. So nothing ground breaking here, you get exactly what you would expect to have right on the Facebook website. You can comment on your friends updates/photos etc, or you can simply "Like" a particular update.

The Facebook widget on LeapFish is particularly useful as it allows you to keep up to date on all of your Facebook activities without actually leaving your home page.

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