Thursday, March 29, 2007

ReviewMe Problems

ReviewMe Problems
ReviewMe is a service that connects publishers with product owners (advertisers). As a publisher, you can join ReviewMe and be entered into their database of available websites that a product owner can request a paid review on.

I joined ReviewMe months ago, and so far I have not received one ReviewMe request. The site that is listed in the ReviewMe publishers database is not this one, it is another blog that I own that is fairly popular and receives a lot of link-backs and traffic from around the web.

With a fairly popular blog that covers some software and consumer electronics devices, I was wondering why in the world I had not received even one ReviewMe request. Is this a ReviewMe Problem? I did some research and I found out why.

ReviewMe search missing results
I navigated to the ReviewMe website as a visitor and attempted to find my site by using the ReviewMe search engine. I used the precise keywords that are listed in my ReviewMe entries' description and tag fields, and the search result came up with absolutely nothing! The search function on is horribly broken.

ReviewMe Support
As a ReviewMe publisher, I am concerned about the broken search functionality and ReviewMe problems. If the problems continue with the search function, it means that I will have a much lower chance of receiving a ReviewMe request from an advertiser. I emailed ReviewMe support over a week ago describing the issue in detail. ReviewMe support did respond letting me know that they will look into the problem, but so far the issue has not been corrected.

Have you also noticed these ReviewMe search function problems? If so let me know by replying below.

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