Sunday, April 1, 2007

You need to think big to make it big

You need to think big to make it big
I joined the AGLOCO get paid to surf service on March 5th. I realized what an amazing opportunity the service provides if a person does a little bit of work by building their member network. Due to this, I set myself a goal of building a network of 100 members in my first month of participating in the service. A large goal? Yes, but you need to think big to make it big. Make a goal, set a date and work to achieve your goal, even if it seems like it is a large feat or a daunting task.

Now that March is over, I am looking at my AGLOCO network stats and I see that I now have 57 members in my network. Did I meet my goal? No, but I am still very happy with my results. I own multiple websites that promote AGLOCO and I have also done some "manual" work by hanging up flyers in PUBLIC locations.

What is AGLOCO?
If you don't know what AGLOCO is, then you are missing out on the billion dollar internet advertising industry. AGLOCO gets the end users a piece of the internet advertising revenue. All you need to do is sign up for the free service and run a tiny toolbar at the bottom of your browser while you surf the web. You can not find a better deal than that. Sign up for AGLOCO today.

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