Thursday, May 6, 2010

LeapFish Blogs search

I've covered many of the other types of LeapFish services and today I'll be writing about their Blog Search feature. From the top of, click on the "Blogs" option in the top blue bar, second item from the right, next to "Shopping". This takes you to, their blogs search engine.

Enter your search terms in the top search bar, hit enter, or click the "Search Blogs" button.

LeapFish will return a few additional suggested search terms in the "Also Try" section near the top and then it will display a comprehensive listing of Blog results.

The LeapFish blog search results will show you relevant results, but also timely results. Perusing through the Blog Search listings, you will see that many of the results are newer, sometimes within hours of the blog posts going live online. It's almost like a "real time" search for blogs.

Searching on blogs specifically can be a great way to read about opinions, expert analysis and the latest buzz on the net. 

The advent of blogs and blogging revolutionized the web by providing an easy to use, quick, publishing platform for the masses. Just about anyone can easily get online with their own blog, especially with free and simple services to use like (which hosts this site) and

This "Blogosphere" as they call it, can provide a wealth of information and is many times referred to as the pulse of the internet (until Twitter came along, that is).

So give the LeapFish Blog search feature a try, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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