Friday, May 28, 2010

LeapFish shopping search

This post is part of a blog series on "Why I like LeapFish". It is also an entry into the LeapFish $100,000 Cash Dash contest, which you can signup for here.

I've covered many of the other types of LeapFish services and today I'll be writing about their Shopping Search feature. From the top of, click on the "Shopping" option in the top blue bar, first item from the right in the blue bar, next to "Blogs". This takes you to, their dedicated shopping search feature.

As you might expect, the LeapFish shopping search feature provides you with information and details on where to purchase a product and prices at various online websites. 

In my Shopping search example video, I searched for "Logitech nano mouse" and showed how LeapFish Shopping search brought up online auction results for the product, with results from Ebay. It also shows Online Retailer results from Amazon Shopping and gives you many different product options and purchasing price points for various products.

Providing shopping results for both online auction sites as well as online retailers is a smart move. Some people might not realize how cheap some products sell for on ebay, or on the Amazon marketplace. LeapFish changes that by providing you all of those results in your shopping search and I'm sure it will help people find a good price and a good place to get their product. So if that sounds good to you, check out the "Shopping" search feature on

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