Wednesday, April 4, 2007

AdSense code and New Blogger bug

AdSense code and New Blogger bug
Yesterday when I was posting about the Google Toolbar for Firefox, I came across a very strange bug that occurs when you attempt to embed JavaScript AdSense code into a Blogger post. Normally, if you attempt to enter JavaScript code into a post, the JavaScript elements will disappear when you publish the post. However! If you try to enter Google AdSense JavaScript, even if it is for one of their referral programs such as "Get Firefox with Google Toolbar", an entirely different behavior occurs.

After pasting in my Google AdSense referrer JavaScript code for the "Get Firefox with Google Toolbar" program and hitting publish, I found the distorted Google AdSense Ads displayed above on my post. Pretty weird eh? I promptly removed the malfunctioning code as I already had three Google AdSense Ad units running on this blog and letting another one remain would violate the Google AdSense TOS (Terms Of Service). This behavior occurs on blogs that run on the "new" Blogger system. The old blogger/blogspot system is probably not affected in this manner.

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