Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Google PageRank with Google Toolbar

Google PageRank with Google Toolbar
Today I finally caved in and installed the Google Toolbar for Firefox. You might be asking "Caved in? What's wrong with Google Toolbar?". Absolutely nothing. I have used the Google Toolbar a few times in the past and it is definitely an excellent browser add-on that provides tremendously useful capabilities.

Why did it so long to install Google Toolbar this time?
I have been using Firefox for quite some time now and it has a Google search built right in to the top of the browser! This is probably the #1 reason why I have not installed the Google Toolbar until now.

Display Google PageRank Information
The #1 reason why I decided to install the Google Toolbar today: PageRank information. Now that I am focusing on Search Engine Optimization, running websites and all related topics, I need to be able to identify the PageRank of a given website. A PageRank is a value that Google assigns to each website, which signifies a particular websites' importance and affects Google search results rankings. Running the Google Toolbar enables an easy display of any websites PageRank value at the top of the browser. If you are a webmaster and are learning about Search Engine Optimization and related topics, you NEED the Google Toolbar!

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