Monday, April 2, 2007

Wells Fargo Customer Service is retarded

Wells Fargo CD accounts opened
Last week I opened two higher interest baring Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts over the phone with Wells Fargo. After discussing the various options with the representative, she informed me that I was "prequalified" for the CD accounts. I asked if they were going to run a credit check on me due to the new account requests and the Wells Fargo representative responded by telling me that NO, they will not run a credit check because I am prequalified.

Credit Monitoring
I have a credit monitoring service in place and the next day I received a credit alert for activity on my credit record. I logged in to the credit monitoring website and what do I see? A credit check performed by Wells Fargo.

Customer Service is often worthless
The next week I called in to complain because Wells Fargo had lied to me. I was also inquiring about a "service fee" that should not have been charged to my Savings Account, but alas it was there. The Wells Fargo customer service rep credited the Savings Account fee back to my account as a "courtesy". Afterwards, I discussed the credit check and the fact that the Wells Fargo representative had misinformed me. The rep gave me a few different options at that point.

1) She could relay the information to her Supervisor.
2) I could write a letter in to Wells Fargo with my complaint.
3) She could transfer me to a higher level rep that could discuss my complaint.

I asked her if there would be any action taken if she simply relayed the information to her Supervisor. The representative then told me that she had no idea if any action would be taken or if any follow up would be performed in this circumstance. I take this to mean that absolutely nothing would be done.

I figured I might as well give the "higher level rep" a try since I did not feel like writing in a print letter at this precise moment in time, so I asked to be transferred.

Higher level rep = lower intelligence level
I was quickly transferred to the "high level" Wells Fargo customer service representative who was alleged to be able to handle my complaint. I explained that another Wells Fargo employee had lied to me when I was opening my account, and the "high level" customer service rep apologized to me numerous times. She then explained that all customers that apply for a CD account will be credit checked, regardless of their prequalification status.

I said okay fine, I understand that you are apologizing but can you please at least have someone followup with the Wells Fargo rep that opened my account to let her know that she is providing incorrect information to customers regarding credit checks. The "high level" rep then told me that they do not have that capability at this time. I then told this rep that I am sure that Wells Fargo has the rep ID documented somewhere in the system. The "high level" rep then told me again, "We do not have that capability at this time". At this point I was starting to get very annoyed and frustrated, so I asked,

"Are you telling me that a large bank such as Wells Fargo does not keep records of the accounts that each specific employee opens or creates?".

The high level Wells Fargo representative then regurgitated the same reply, "We do not have that capability at this time". At this point I was pushed over my limit and I ended the conversation with the representative. I wonder if a traditional print letter would result in any type of action on Wells Fargo's part...

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